Daddy movie review: Arjun Rampal High in Action

Mumbai’s underworld trilling stories have inspired at lot of filmmakers and now once again the movie Daddy is here for the audience. Actor Arjun Rampal has done a fantastic job in the movie. In fact, the movie was high on demand since the release of its first poster.

The interesting part of the movie was the unbelievable resemblance between Arjun and Arun Gawli. Filmmaker Ashim Ahluwalia has given his best in making Daddy as his last movie, Miss Lovely, did a good business in the international film market because of Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s incredible acting skills.

The script is written by both Arjun Rampal as well as Ahluwalia while the thorough examination is done by Arun Gawli. The film has a strong story line which will definitely attract a lot of viewers to the threatres.

The film is a biopic and is based on the life of Mumbai underworld don Arun Gawli, who during his days used to rule in the Lower Parel precinct of Byculla-Worli-Chinchpokli. The story narrates the situation of 1970’s when the mills got closed and unemployment made Arun Gawli take a step into the world of crime.

In the movie, audience will come to see how a common man commits a crime and gradually moves into the ocean of terrorism and finally turning into a politician during 80’s.

Audience will definitely love to see the movie as it does not contain any cinematic excesses and simply shows how a young man moves into the world of crime just because of unemployment.

Cinematographers Jessica Lee Gagne and Pankaj Kumar have also done an awesome job by making the scenes look like 1970’s. The feel and the touch of the scenes will take you back to that bygone eras of Mumbai.

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