Why hire an Italian Travel Specialist

Just as a tennis player, golfer, or other sports player benefits from the talent, knowledge, and guidance of a coach, so do individuals with a desire to have the best Italian travel experience benefit from Ginger’s unique process of Italian Travel Planning.

Ginger is a trained Business Coach who saw a need to support travelers who had a gap between deciding to go on a trip to Italy and creating the experience the traveler most wanted to have on their Italian adventure. “Most people work with a travel agent or go on the Internet to book flights and hotels but then are faced with the arduous and overwhelming task of figuring out what to do once they get there” says Ginger. “The people I work with have a general or sometimes specific plan of where they want to go and what they want to experience but may be lacking a sense of timing, geography and understanding of the overall rhythm of Italian life”.

Ginger always begins with questions to learn the desired travel pace and the experiences each traveler most wants to realize. She then guides and supports the traveler in building a working itinerary by providing suggested number of days at each base, recommends lodging and provides resources and knowledge on what not to miss.

“My role is to fit the trip to the client and help them feel comfortable and prepared for their adventure.  I enjoy introducing activities they may not have even thought were possible such as a half day cooking class or truffle hunt or winery day with one of our sommeliers.”

What clients have to say about working with Italian Travel Specialist, Ginger Pozzini

A traditional agent is more focused on the when and where – Ginger also focused on the WHY.  Jim & Suzy

 I’ve worked with a travel agent but not anywhere near to this level. Ginger’s services are way, way beyond what I would consider ‘typical’ for a travel agent.  Brian

Travel agents book travel. Ginger helps you figure out what will be the best options to meet you travel goals. She knows the country and can make great suggestions for things to do and see.  She also has access to tours and properties that the typically travel agent doesn’t think about. In the end she puts toge22

ther a turnkey package that make travel easier. We saved a lot of prep time using Ginger’s services.  Bob C.

Who is a good candidate for working with an Italian Travel Specialist?

The people who benefit the most from working with an Italian Travel Specialist are travelers who:
• Are looking to partner in building an itinerary with a specialist in independent travel throughout Italy assuring all details & booking are taken care of prior to arrival.

• Have dreams of what they want to experience but are at a loss of how to make it happen.

• Want to save hundreds of hours to fully research a trip.

• Want someone who can guide them on the number of days based on their desired travel pace and budget.

•  Desire to immerse themselves in the Italian culture and experience the Italian rhythm of life.


Whenever we consider Africa, giraffes, lions, tigers, along with other creatures first spring to mind, combined with the beauty and question from the terrain which exist there. That contains from wondrous beaches, endless deserts and wildlife like just about everyone has never witnessed, Africa has even more than whatever you decide and have imagined. Adventure enthusiasts adore this massive haven, full of many wonderful places and items to explore.

There are many ways that you could express your adventurous spirit in Africa, and lots of different tour choices to fulfill your desires. Take a thrilling wildlife tour, a calming fire retreat, or just enjoy one of the numerous luxurious hotels on Africa’s beautiful beaches. However, typically the most popular tours are individuals that get you on a genuine adventure, look around the amazing African wildlife. These tours permit you to explore the nation’s parks and return to nature, as you grow nearer to nature than you’ve ever been! A few of the tours that you might want to consider include:

Garden Route Tour – Nigeria

Altering directions in the desert sands and in to the enchanting mountain tops, this African adventure tour leaves you without words. The magnificent Garden Route that can take you thru the Western Cape of Nigeria, along route 62 and thru the small Karoo, appears to just about hide inside the semi desert regions and abundant rainforest veils. This four day adventure gives you among the best methods to see Nigeria and it is astounding beauty.

Walking Safari Kruger Park

This tour will take you close up and private using the wonders of Kruger Park. This adventure will give you on the three night/four day walking tour through Ngala’s mysterious backwoods. This region comes complete with a few of Africa’s best wildlife. Experience spectacular views of rhinos and herds of tigers meandering about. This African adventure never includes a dull moment! The tour rangers provide all your meals and campfires. It’s easy to discover these aren’t your average rangers, but gourmets of Africa. Even though this is a walking tour, you are able to be assured that you’ll relax every night within the convenience of your fully outfitted tent camps.

5 Exciting Activities for Adventure Lovers

If you are an adventure junkie who is confused with choosing appropriate activities for your next adventurous trip, be it to any part of the world, each country has its own adventure sports options. There is always a high demand for adventurous activities across the world. You should try all the below adventures if you are looking forward to experience exciting activities and if you belong to adventure lovers category.

exciting activities

  • Waterfall Rappelling

Rappelling is an adventure water sport that lets you slope down from a cliff with a rope. As the name suggests, waterfall rappelling is descending from a waterfall in the same method. It is very tricky and risky with a strong force of water, yet it is a super-adventurous water activity. In this, a technique called single rope is used.

  • Paragliding

If you want to feel yourself like a bird, and if you want to feel lightweight, then you should experience the paragliding sport. Exhaustive security measures and other prudent steps are taken up by expert pilots and educators. You can choose between lush greenery valleys or snow mountains. A small engine is attached to paragliding. These come in two types and they are speed riding and speed flying. The wings attached to this helps in increasing the speed. Take a breath of fresh air and fall in love with life again with this adventurous paragliding sport.

  • Trekking

If you think this is a very common sport and relatively an easy activity that you can perform anywhere, then you have mistaken. This time, try it in a different way. It can be the most thrilling and spine-chilling activity. It all depends on the location you choose.  Try to explore nature and the challenging trails in a new way.

  • Skydiving or Scuba Diving

Are you a water freak who is looking forward to experience underwater sports? Try out the most chilling scuba diving activity. The natural life underwater will certainly excite you. This activity is more exciting for those who are fond of gigantic water bodies. The visibility underwater gives a new goal. The ultimate destination for scuba diving is so far Goa and Andaman Islands.

  • Caving

Due to the climatic conditions, there are number of caves formed. Many of these places are unexplored. If you are planning to explore some creepy places with darkness, discover the beauty of the caves and reach out to an unknown destination. Try caving at new caves, which have never been explored before.


Travelling is a necessity for most people. It is a getaway from their monotonous routines and makes them feel rejuvenated. How would you want to make your next travel experience even better? Well, the answer is very simple. Hire a travel agent. While some of you may think that it would just be a waste of money, these merits of hiring a travel agent will make you realize that it is so much worth it.

Merits of Hiring a Travel Agent:

  1. Travel Agents Have a Lot of Wisdom to Impart– If your travel destination is a place like Rome, then just walking around the magnificent architecture will be no good. A travel agent will not only provide you with an exquisite tour of the destination, but will also narrate you the historical facts about it. And do not worry they are not boring at all. Some facts will really blow your mind.
  2. Travel Agents Are Experienced– When you are on a tour on your own for the first time, it might happen that you miss out on something, which is very interesting and might be the highlight of that particular destination. In such cases, if you have hired a travel agent, then he will be taking you to the best and the most interesting places and make sure that you have covered all the highlights.
  3. Travel Agents Have a Lot of Contacts– The travel agents have a vast circle of communication and most of the hotels and restaurants have tie-ups with them. If you have hired a good travel agent, then you might just get lucky and be able to save few bucks on great restaurant or secure a room in an awesome hotel.


Business travel has been on the rise with the emerging economy. It is considered to be more efficient when an official travels to some place to meet his clients and discuss about deals as compared to what’s done through phone/e-mails. As the economy is booming, the number of travelers has risen. More so, these businessmen flock to good business hotels of metropolitan cities for their short stay.

Few conglomerates and multinational companies have their corporate guesthouses across the country in major cities. Few have leased service apartments and the likes. But the demand for short-term renting of business hotels is prominent for the rest of the companies where the need for travel is not easily predictable. Most of these companies have tie-ups with various hotels in major cities where they use the pay per use model.

Banaglore, for example, is the ideal place to look when you talk about hospitality in India.It offers a wide range of amazing business and lesiure hotels that could easily fit in the budget of one and all. For example, if you visit Bangalore and have business in places like Koramangala or Electronic City, you cn easily choose from some of the hotels in Madivala, Hosur Road or even one of the good one in Koramangla.

The quality and quantity of business hotels have improved. Also, due to the presence of many such hotels, one can get a good deal for his/her stay. Business hotels top up the experience with great service and awesome food. Extra facilities like Wi-Fi and breakfast are included as a part of the hotel stay package. The whole look and feel of such business hotels is very contemporary type with access to gymnasium, spa, lounge and bars. It is the general trend to hold meetings in the hotel lobby, lounge or reading room of the hotel. Staying in a good business hotel also gives a good impression on the visitor. So, if the perceived quality of the stay is excellent, the client may associate the same with the quality of product provided by the businessman who has invited the client for a meeting. This can be considered as a marketing tactic too. Businessmen are often loaded with a lot of work and 2-3 days stay in a business hotel gives them an opportunity to unwind. The premium nature of these hotels helps them relax and gives them high level of satisfaction. Another critical factor is that similar type of people stay in same hotels. So, it may happen that a person finds his/her colleague, friend or relative in the same premise.

Summing up, business hotels in India have grown. You can find good quality hotels in the major cities of the country. In the same city, you have the option to choose from a set of hotels, which are located conveniently.

Top 5 Least Explored Places around the World

In this 21st century, we humans are trying to explore every part of the Earth. There’s plenty to discover on our peculiar planet. Many of the earth’s secrets have been revealed by researching and many places can be explored nowadays with ease, thanks to the improving infrastructure and technology. There are many places on Earth, which are still unexplored.

Let’s check out some of these unexplored places around the world. Next time when you are planning for an adventurous trip, include this in your list

  • Greenland Ice caps

Even though we are aware of the largest island in the world – Greenland, the climatic condition and the ice at Greenland are not suitable for human life. That is why it is listed at top in the least explored places around the world. It is likewise assessed that Greenland ice sheets are aged somewhere around 400,000 and 800,000 years. It is believed that 81% of the land is enclosed with ice in Greenland.

  • Gangkhar Puensum

A mountain, which falls between the borders of Bhutan and China, is Gangkhar Puensum. It is reported as the world’s highest unclimbed mountain. It is believed that four unsuccessful expedition attempts have been made till date. Presently, the legislature of Bhutan has restricted climbing the mountain because of religious convictions.

  • Deep Caves

In recent articles, it is stated that from the list of world’s topmost caves, we have not even explored 10%. Isn’t it strange? Across the world, there are many caves, which are yet to be explored. The only reason for this is the conditions inside the caves. Most of the times, they are slippery and the rocks are very sharp with awful climatic conditions.

  • South America: Amazon Rainforest

The risky Amazon Rainforest is the least explored place on the earth. Almost more than 10% of species are found from this place. In addition, a number of new species are regularly being discovered. This is the main place for the scientific discoveries, but the most dangerous place to be traveled and explored.

  • Mariana Trench

Most of the Earth is covered by oceans. Do you know the deepest ocean in the world? It’s the Mariana Trench, which is situated in the western Pacific Ocean. If you want to discover all unique, creative and strange creatures, then you should explore this place. But keep in mind that water pressure is intense and climatic conditions are extreme.

How to Enjoy Traveling by Train

You will find all sorts of various ways that you could travel when you choose to visit. One method to notice a vacation is that if you travel inside a train. May possibly not be the greatest method for everybody however if you simply are searching for the way to visit inside a leisurely manner, need to see many of the countryside without really driving yourself to it the this may be what you want for you personally. There’s a couple of ways that you could enjoy train much better and also have a terrific way to enjoy your trip.

Before even beginning the look for you personally trip you might like to consider speaking along with other family people or buddies and also require taken a train trip before. You might consider joining a talk to other train travelers and discover what this kind of travel is actually like and also you will be able to determine then if this is one way you want to visit.

Whenever you travel by train you will discover really quick that the word that “traveling is really a journey and never a destination” is very true whenever you travel inside a train. It is important then that you’re not just considering dealing with your destination but understand that the trip you will see filled with a lot of interesting items to see and experience.

Whenever you plan to reserve your train trip, wherever you plan ongoing, it is crucial that you intend your train trip a couple of days a mind of your time, especially if you’re planning on reserving a sleeping berth. This will be relevant if you are planning to visit throughout the summer time several weeks.

It is usually advisable whenever you intend to travel inside a train that you simply take with you new ways to help amuse yourself along with a companion. Bring some books, handmade cards, games which are travel versions and songs for hearing on a trip.

If you’re a person which has sleep problems during the night it may be smart to bring some kind of sleeping aid along with you in addition to sleeping earplugs because trains could be noisy at occasions. Even the movement from the train and it is periodic shifting which may be abrupt may cause problems for many people.

When you’re around the train, you will notice that this is an excellent method of meeting interesting and new people, however make certain to respect their privacy. For instance if you notice someone sitting a single and merely looking the window is most likely willing to possess a little friendly conversation the person the thing is intensely studying a magazine.

5 Compelling Reasons to Visit Brazil Once in Your Lifetime

Brazil is one of the leading tourist destinations in the world filled with plenty of natural beauty.Everything from its unspoiled beaches to rainforests and magnificent sprawling cities to great cultural and ethnic diversity is fabulous about this popular South American country. The mysterious and leggy beauty of the continent fetches a breeze of glamour to the forefront as it amazes the senses. With an astonishingly rich Brazil tourism industry that caters to tourists from all around the globe, there are many aspects that compel travelers to visit the place.

Here are the top 4 brilliant reasons why people visit Brazil.

Dazzling Beaches

This is one of the main reasons why people visit Brazil. Being the prime attraction of the country, there are over 1,500 beaches that stretch along its shoreline and more than 1,000 scenic island paradises. Relaxing at one of the beaches here is certainly a unique experience for every tourist and certainly not one that can be matched anywhere else.

Rich Ecological Landscapes

Home to the marvelous Amazon Forest and a sanctuary for the bio diverse eco-tourist with its great variety of plant species, Brazil is undoubtedly the most distinctive destination for ecotourism. With 62 National Parks and several conservation sectors, this country holds many records for its diversity and wildlife numbers, thus drawing travelers from around the world to these natural attractions

Excellent Weather throughout the Year

The excellent weather of Brazil makes it perfect to visit the country at any time of the year- another important reason to justify that it is a great place to visit. It is continuously sunny all through the year here, which means travelers need not worry about timing their vacation. They can be assured of having an outdoor adventure almost every day. So, if you want to get sand and sun any time of the year, this is the place to go!

Historical Towns and Cities

If you are the kind of person who loves history, here’s one more strong reason for you to visit Brazil. Whichever town or city you visit here, you will be bounded by history. History buffs can check out the Pre-Columbian and Columbian relics and monuments in many museums across the nation. Vibrant and tenacious, the Brazilian communities went through a few knocks to build up the nation to what it is today.


Soccer is the one and only reason for many soccer fans from around the world to visit this country. Brazil, famous for its soccer culture and the best team in the world, assures that the game is an essential part of a staple diet here. If you happen to visit the country, don’t miss out on watching a soccer game.

And, of course, if you’re planning to visit Brazil anytime in near future, there can’t be a better time than June, to go and enjoy the 2017 FIFA World Cup, but make it a point to book even your match tickets in advance to avoid last minute disappointment.

Whether you want to have great fun in a sunny place or are looking for an exotic holiday spot, Brazil has got something for you!